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Haggard Family Photos

I first met the Haggard family a few years ago while attending Walnut Hill Bible Church. My son, Noah and one of their adorable, blonde-headed, smiley-faced children, Silas, immediately became best friends during Sunday school and children’s church. Ever since then, not only have the boys been inseparable, their entire family has proven to be one of the biggest blessings of my life in so many ways.

I wanted to do something for them to show my appreciation for every minute of babysitting they’ve helped out with, all the last-minute favors granted, and all the wonderful times we’ve had together. I thought-what better way than to give the gift of documenting their family with a priceless and unforgettable photo session! We picked a day and headed off to the park. I was working with a total of two adults, 4 children-including a very uncooperative toddler (it’s ok, Shiloh, we all still love you ;), and two young dogs. It was a blast! I wanted to include a few of my favorites from that day and show what a great idea family photos outside of the studio can be. Schedule your session with me today!

family     3kids-BWkids-row-BW mom-shiloh-BW
silas-bo-BW    silas-shiloh_BW 

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